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Because an outstanding idea draws outstanding people

At Jonny Fresh in Berlin, over 40 people are hard at work revolutionizing the world of laundry cleaning. And they’re succeeding. Founded in Berlin in 2013 as a startup company, we now offer our mobile textile cleaning with pickup and delivery service to customers in thirteen major cities in Germany and Austria. It’s no wonder, since more and more people are recognizing the value of our innovative services. The team at Jonny Fresh is making laundry day a little more relaxing, simple, and convenient with their passion, expertise, reliability, and squeaky clean quality.


Jonny Fresh ist ein dynamisches Unternehmen


We stay curious. With the average employee age a crisp 30 years, we are staying close to the digital pulse of the times. We are reinventing textile cleaning and making it even simpler for our customers.

Jonny Fresh ist ein digitaler Lieferservice


Clean laundry is at the heart of what we do. Our brain is our IT. Our intelligent innovations and automated processes ensure that everything runs smoothly. So your laundry is always clean & ready where you need it, when you need it.

Mobile Wäscherei und Textilreinigung


We only make promises we can keep. Our friendly, competent, and responsive customer service team will ensure you know exactly what’s going on and receive reliable service on every order.

Jonny Fresh in numbers

Read the newspaper, order pizza, purchase movie tickets – we’ve long been performing many of our daily tasks on our smartphones. Jonny Fresh has successfully applied this principle to textile cleaning. With an optimal digital infrastructure that works simply, securely, & reliably for our cleaning partners as well.

No Jonny Fresh without our 13 cleaning partners and the drivers who provide laundry almost every day.

We could stylishly clothe a mid-sized town with the 30,000 shirts we wash each month.

That’s the average number of clothing items women have in their closets. Men have around 73. It’s a good thing that Jonny Fresh washes a total of 81 different products – from haute couture to floor mops.

At Jonny Fresh, we maintain absolute equality when it comes to laundry. Since just as many men order from us as women.

We are Jonny Fresh

Some of us would prefer to spend the entire day in a bathrobe. Others love band t-shirts. Get to know the minds behind our innovative services and discover their favorite clothing.

Till Richter CFO
Sonja SEO/ Inbound Managerin
Das ist Patrick
Saskia Schwerin - Assistenz der Geschäftsführung
Jürgen Kabot, Finance & Accounting Manager
Jürgen Kabot
Conny Pappert
Steve H.
Steve H. - B2B Manager