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Shirt cleaning by Jonny Fresh

Are you a shirt wearer who is sick of ironing your own shirts each week or taking them to the cleaners around the corner? Don’t fret, you can book the pickup and delivery service from Jonny Fresh, which has been rated as “very good” by thousands of customers, to clean your shirt.

Shirts are worn during leisure time as well as at work or for festive occasions. Of course shirts always need to be freshly washed and properly ironed in order to make sure you are looking sharp. Jonny Fresh is the simplest, smartest way to have your shirts professionally cleaned. Since Jonny Fresh doesn’t maintain an expensive network of branch locations, we can offer especially fair prices for shirt cleaning without compromising quality. Not only that, but we can also clean your shirts in no time. From the time dirty shirts are picked up until the freshly washed shirts are delivered again, the whole process generally takes just 48 hours. So shirt cleaning with Jonny Fresh saves you both time and heartache. Book your shirt cleaning with Jonny Fresh and spend more of your newly acquired time with something you truly enjoy!

Here’s how to book shirt cleaning

Ordering mobile washing services and textile cleaning is as easy as pie. Once you have registered with Jonny Fresh, you can easily place an order online or via the app to have your shirts picked up. Choose a suitable pickup and delivery time and enter the desired address. It isn’t absolutely necessary that you enter your private address here. You could, for example, enter the address where you work, so we can bring your freshly washed shirts directly to your office. Now all that’s left to do is enter how many shirts you want washed into your account and the Jonny Fresh driver will be there to pick up and clean your shirts at the agreed time!


So funktioniert die mobile Wäscherei und Textilreinigung Jonny Fresh

You order

Choose what you want to have cleaned. Decide on pickup and delivery times.

We’ll pick it up

We’ll pick up your dirty laundry right at your front door. Payment is made at delivery.

We deliver

You’ll get your laundry back professionally cleaned and ironed after 48 hours.

Why Jonny Fresh?

Pickup & delivery

All-inclusive: We provide pickup and drop-off services in over six cities and we’ll be where you need us, when you need us.

Premium quality & high standards

We offer first-class cleaning performed with the utmost of care and we guarantee you will always receive the best possible service.

Make more time for yourself

We do the laundry and ironing, which gives you more time for things that are really important to you!

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