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Jonny Fresh – online textile cleaning by pros, for pros.

Anywhere hard work is being done, there is sure to be plenty of dirty laundry. That’s what makes Jonny Fresh the perfect cleaning partner for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our business customers benefit from first-class cleaning expertise, versatile services, and flexible availability. With pickup and delivery that’s precise to within an hour of course. Invest more time in your business. Jonny Fresh will take care of your laundry – simple, thorough, reliable.

Versatile cleaning expertise for your industry like e.g.

Corporate services

Fresh laundry for all of your employees.

Health & labor

Clinically clean – from operation room clothing to doctor’s office laundry.

Event & promotion

Cultivated style for your grand entrance

Guest & folded laundry

Clean laundry – from towels to drapery.

Kitchen & catering

A la carte services for kitchens and catering

Handwork & uniform

Robust cleaning services, so you can seize the day.

Reinigung für Dienstkleidung und Uniformen
Professionelle Reinigung für Dienstkleidung und Uniformen

Aviation, police & armed forces

Cleaning of working clothes and uniforms


Cosmetics & wellness

Textile cleaning for beauty salons and wellness oases

Wischmops und Putzlappen reinigen
Wischmops professionell reinigen lassen

Household & building cleaning

Cleaning of floor wipers, mops and Co.

Gardinenreinigung online buchen
Gardinenreinigung und Vorhangreinigung

Draperies and curtains

Cleaning of draperies, curtains and Co.

Protective mask

Professional cleaning of cotton face masks at 60 degrees

How Jonny Fresh works:

Ein Jonny Fresh Fahrer holt die Wäsche direkt im Unternehmen ab
Bezahlung per Monatsrechnung

1. Appointment booking


You schedule with Jonny fresh via email or telephone the recurring appointment schedule for the regular use of the laundry service.

2. Pickup and delivery of the laundry

Ein Jonny Fresh Fahrer holt die Wäsche direkt im Unternehmen ab

The Jonny Fresh driver brings your cleaned laundry to your company at the agreed time and takes the dirty laundry right back to the dry cleaner.

3. Payment

Bezahlung per Monatsrechnung

You pay conveniently by monthly bill, which you receive from us via email. This invoice must be paid within 14 days upon receipt.

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Why business customers trust Jonny Fresh

  • Great time saving
  • Always fresh work clothes available thanks to recurring appointment schedule
  • One-time commission is sufficient
  • Appointments can be changed on short notice
  • No pickup and delivery fees
  • Simple billing models with individual solutions such as monthly invoices
  • No contractual commitment

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Jonny Fresh delivers fresh laundry for customers such as:

Textilreinigung für Unternehmen wie Coca Cola
Jonny Fresh übernimmt die Textilreinigung für die Charité
Jonny Fresh bietet die Textilreinigung für Eventagenturen an
Textilreinigung für Geschäftskunden