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Mobile laundry service for business in Cologne

Are you on the hunt for a reliable laundry and textile cleaning service to take care of the laundry piling up at your business? Or would you like to offer a laundry service to your employees as a benefit to reduce their stress after a long day at work? As a mobile textile cleaning service, we offer Cologne´s business customers a laundry service with a convenient laundry pickup and delivery. Business customers from a wide variety of industries can book the mobile textile cleaning services in Cologne for example for the cleaning of draperies and towels or the doctor´s office laundry. Because of the pickup and delivery service Jonny Fresh is an attractive alternative to local textile cleaning services with less suitable operating hours. See for yourself the benefits of the mobile laundry service for your business!

How Jonny Fresh works for business customers in Cologne:

Vereinbare einen regelmäßigen Reinigungstermin
Abholung der Wäsche im Unternehmen
Bezahlung per Monatsrechnung

1. Appointment booking

Vereinbare einen regelmäßigen Reinigungstermin

You schedule with Jonny fresh via email or telephone the recurring appointment schedule for the regular use of the laundry service. 

2. Pickup and delivery of the company laundry

Abholung der Wäsche im Unternehmen

The Jonny Fresh driver brings your cleaned laundry to your company at the agreed time and takes the dirty laundry right back to the dry cleaner.

3. Payment

Bezahlung per Monatsrechnung

You pay conveniently by monthly bill, which you receive from us via email. This invoice must be paid within 14 days upon receipt.

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Business Customers in Cologne can benefit from mobile textile cleaning

Business customers in Cologne who use Jonny Fresh are able to save a great deal of time. The laundry to be cleaned is picked up directly from the company’s offices and returned to the company’s address freshly cleaned and ironed, which means less work for you. Thanks to Jonny Fresh, you can do away with the inconvenience of seeking out the nearest dry cleaner, so you can better use your time to take care of your daily business.

Jonny Fresh offers business customers in Cologne textile cleaning without fixed contractual obligations. We won’t set a minimum contract duration or minimum quantity of textiles to be washed each week, so you can get your laundry cleaned as flexibly as you need.

Business customers in Cologne can set up regular appointments for laundry pickup and delivery, saving you the effort of having to constantly make plans for textile cleaning. With regular appointments, your company’s laundry is washed in regular cycles, so you’ll always have enough fresh laundry.

Regardless of the fixed regular appointments, you can also individually adjust mobile textile cleaning for your business as necessary. If you aren’t able to keep a delivery appointment or you need fresh laundry sooner, you can change your regular appointment once or permanently. Contact us at business@jonnyfresh.com to easily set pickup and delivery appointments.

Business customers in Cologne who use Jonny Fresh can benefit from our free pickup and delivery service. All you as a business customer have to do for the order to go through is meet the minimum order value of €15.

Jonny Fresh offers Cologne’s business customers premium-quality laundry service and always ensures the best cleaning and ironing of a wide variety of textiles and articles of laundry. We clean towels as well as articles such as floor wipers, working clothes or uniforms.

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Jonny Fresh delivers fresh laundry for customers such as:

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