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Professional bed linen cleaning

On average, each person will sweat 1 to 1.5 liters of water and lose up to 500 grams of skin cells per night. It is therefore advisable to clean your bed linens regularly. However, your duvet won’t fit into the washing machine and you aren’t at all sure what temperature setting is required for your down duvet or quilted bedspread, not to mention which detergent should be used? Don’t have a dryer anyway? Then Jonny Fresh is perfect for you! No matter if you prefer the natural luxury of a camel hair duvet filled with down that needs special care or the versatile longevity of a queen size synthetic bedspread, Jonny Fresh would be glad to professionally clean your bed linens for you!

Order bed linen cleaning by Jonny Fresh

Just go online or use the app to book bed linen cleaning, with proper drying in a tumble dryer that will loosen up duvet and pillow filling to make them delightfully fluffy. Submit your order with just a few clicks and reserve the time of your choice for us to pick up your bed linens.

Jonny Fresh is a mobile laundry service that will pick up your laundry straight from your house, so you don’t have the hassle of transporting your bed linens to the local cleaner. We have extended service hours, so we can take the hassle of doing laundry out of as many people’s hands as possible. You could, for example, order stress-free delivery of your freshly washed and dried bed linen to your home before or after work, or Jonny Fresh can even take it right to your office if you want to save even more time. Just tell us where you would like it delivered each time you place an order!

Here`s how it works

Textilreinigung online bestellen

You order

Choose what you want to have cleaned. Decide on pickup and delivery times.

Textilreinigung mit Abholservice

We’ll pick it up

We’ll pick up your dirty laundry right at your front door. Payment is made at delivery.

Textilreinigung mit Bringdienst für Wäsche

We deliver

You’ll get your laundry back professionally cleaned and ironed after 48 hours.

Why Jonny Fresh?

Textilreinigung mit Lieferservice für Wäsche

Pickup & delivery

All-inclusive: We provide pickup and drop-off services in over 10 cities and we’ll be where you need us, when you need us.

Beste Reinigungsergebnisse und Bügelergebnisse

Premium quality

We offer first-class cleaning performed with the utmost of care and we guarantee you will always receive the best possible service.

More time for yourself

We do the laundry and ironing, which gives you more time for things that are really important to you!

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