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Questions and answers (FAQ)

Questions regarding delivery service

We currently offer our services for private customers in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Hanover and Vienna. Additionally, for business customers only, we offer the service in Bremen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Mannheim, Munster, Nuremberg and Stuttgart. You can find out if we deliver to your address by visiting our homepage and entering your postal code in the search field. Pickup and delivery can be made to residences, offices, hotels, a company… And the pickup location can differ from the delivery location.

By the way: Jonny Fresh offers fresh laundry delivered nationwide in a package for business customers.

Paketservice for B2B Customers throughout Germany.

We pick up and deliver Monday through Friday. Delivery times depend on the city and postal code. Possible times are displayed for selection during the order process. The time for pickup and delivery can also be selected based on availability.

Our drivers will bring a laundry bag with them to the pickup appointment. Your textiles will be transported for cleaning in this bag and thus kept securely separated from the other orders.

You will receive your clean articles hung on a hanger and protected by wrapping or, in the case of textiles, such as flat, folded laundry that cannot be hung up, packed in paper.

When you miss the pickup or the delivery we will send you a mail that contains a link. Easily use the link to choose a new pickup or delivery time.

All hygiene and safety measures of Jonny Fresh concerning COVID-19 can be found here.

Questions on ordering

Due to the fact that the price is caused by the textiles and the amount of pieces it is not possible to name a general price for the laundry service. When you visit the shop you will get an overview about all prices.

The minimum order value for private customers is 25€.

Yes, we have a pickup and delivery fee of 4,95€. But the fee is waived from 50€.

You will find a detailed explanation of how to redeem vouchers here:

1. Fill laundry basket
Fill the laundry basket with the products to be cleaned

2. Go to checkout
Go to the checkout, select the address as well as the desired pickup and delivery appointments, and select the payment method button

3. Enter voucher code
Enter the voucher code in the entry field beside or under the possible payment methods offered – the payment balance will be automatically adjusted

Probably the voucher is no langer valid or is only valid for new customers. Please contact our customer service in case the voucher is valid but does not work.

That’s not a problem. You could, for example, have your dirty clothing picked up at home and the clean clothing delivered to your place of work.

You can conveniently pay online with PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit or a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). We also offer payment on account for business and regular customers. For more information, please contact our support team.

You can easily change the pickup and delivery times in your Jonny Fresh account until the moment when our driver starts the tour.


Questions about cleaning

Pickup, cleaning, and delivery generally take two days for business clothing. The processing time may vary, depending on the textiles being cleaned. The necessary processing time is shown in our product categories.

We clean business clothing, jackets and coats, general laundry, and clothing for special occasions. Waterproofing can also be offered for select product groups.

Jonny Fresh performs the services. We work closely with select, carefully screened textile cleaning and laundry companies from the region and can vouch for the care with which they provide their services.

You can contact us over the phone or via email. If something needs to be cleaned again, we will pick it up and deliver it again free of charge.

If you have no further use for the hangers, you are welcome to return them to our drivers. This is generally possible with every pickup or delivery.


Still have questions?

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