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Fresh laundry for your employees

Are you staring down that pile of work on your desk while longing for a leisurely evening, but the shirts, blouses, and suits waiting at home to be washed and ironed are holding you back? No problem, Jonny Fresh would be glad to take this work off your employees’ hands! Jonny Fresh offers special office services for companies: Employees can easily drop off their dirty laundry at the stationary Jonny Fresh wash stations set up directly at the office. Jonny Fresh will pick up the laundry from your company’s offices and return it a short time later freshly washed, so your employees can conveniently pick it up from the Jonny Fresh washing station – spotlessly clean laundry at a fair price!

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How the Corporate Services work:

Dirty laundry drop at pickup and delivery station

1. Registration / Personalized laundry bag

The employee must first register on our website or through the app and enter the company code. Once they have registered, the previously agreed company contact person will give the employee a personalized laundry bag at the office.

2. Order / Dirty laundry drop

Dirty laundry drop at pickup and delivery station

The employee must place an order at jonnyfresh.com or on the app. They can then drop their personalized laundry bag (filled!) at the Jonny Fresh drop station BEFORE the pickup time they have booked.

3. Pickup & cleaning

The Jonny Fresh driver will retrieve the orders at the predetermined times and take them to the local cleaning location for processing.

4. Fresh laundry

Once the laundry has been cleaned, the Jonny Fresh driver will drop the order back at the Jonny Fresh pickup station.

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Your benefits with Jonny Fresh:

  • Relieves some of the daily stress on employees
  • Create an image as a modern employer
  • Offer your employees something extremely useful at minimal expense to the company
  • Individual landing page for each company with all key data for the process / contact person
  • Order on the website, by phone, or through the APP
  • Flexible drop and pickup times
  • Customer support from Monday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We can’t afford unpleasant surprises on set. And Jonny Fresh has become part of the crew, because we really know we can rely on them.”

Isa L., Costume designer from Munich

“If you search for local cleaning on the internet, you will inevitably come across Jonny Fresh. I’m not surprised, they always keep their promises.”

Ernst K., Lawyer from Hamburg

“Getting laundry cleaned at the airport or the hotel is so expensive. And laundromats are usually closed when I need them. Jonny Fresh will pick up and deliver upon request and will even take my flight schedule into account.”

Robin H., Pilot from Berlin

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