Jonny Fresh hygiene and safety measures

Pick-up and delivery service for fresh laundry

Jonny Fresh hygiene and safety measures

Hygiene and safety of our laundry service with delivery

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation that accompanies our current everyday life, we at Jonny Fresh would like to make our contribution to general safety with a series of hygiene measures. The health of our customers and our employees is the highest good. That is why we can all protect ourselves together in the best possible way with mutual support and professional implementation. In the following, we provide information about the hygiene concept we are currently implementing at Jonny Fresh:

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  1. All textiles are treated by our specialists according to certified chemothermal disinfection procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.
  2. Our drivers & cleaners wash and disinfect their hands regularly and work together to ensure that no more objects are touched than necessary.
  3. Without exception, payment by cash on delivery is no longer possible.
  4. A signature to confirm the delivery of the laundry will only be provided by the driver himself.
  5. A contactless delivery is possible with folded goods and can be deposited by the customer in the order process as a reference.

  1. After receiving your laundry delivery, you should wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Any customer or household that has a confirmed a case of the virus in their environment will not place an order after its discovery, until the end of the 10-day domestic quarantine period.
  3. A customer who tests positive for the virus and receives a pick-up/delivery within 10 days notifies our customer service department so that we can take appropriate precautions and find a joint solution.

  1. The risk that Covid-19 can spread through contact with objects such as clothing is currently not known according to the expert statements of the RKI. An infection with the coronavirus through contact with clothing has not been confirmed so far.


Do you have further questions about the hygiene measures at Jonny Fresh?

Our undivided focus is on the safety of our customers and employees. Should you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service! As always, they are available to answer all your questions.

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