Your mobile textile cleaning service in Vienna

Cleaning with pick-up and delivery service for private customers and business customers

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Your mobile textile cleaning service in Vienna

Pickup, cleaning, & delivery at the time of your choice in Vienna

Who is getting everyone in a good mood in the world capital of grumbling? Jonny Fresh of course. We pick up, clean, iron, and deliver laundry and textiles. When and where you want it in just 48 hours. From business wear such as shirts and suits, to household laundry such as bedding, pillows, mattress covers & towels, and even wedding dresses or office laundry, Jonny Fresh would be glad to professionally clean any of it for you!

Mobile washing service saves you time

No one really has the time and the motivation to wash and iron laundry. Vienna is the same as any other large city. That’s exactly what Jonny Fresh is here for. We would be glad to clean your clothing and laundry. It’s easy to order Jonny Fresh online or through the app with just a few clicks, and we’ll come by to pick up your dirty laundry. With Jonny Fresh not only are you saving yourself the work of washing and ironing, but also the hassle of dragging bags of laundry to the nearest textile cleaner! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time while we take care of your laundry!

Smart textile cleaning

Here`s how it works

Your order

1 Your order

Choose what you want to have cleaned. Decide on pickup and delivery times.

We’ll pick it up

2 We’ll pick it up

We’ll pick up your dirty laundry right at your front door, office or hotel. Payment is made electronically.

We deliver

3 We deliver

You’ll get your laundry back professionally cleaned and ironed after 48 hours.

Your advantages

Here’s what Jonny Fresh is doing for Vienna

We will pick up & deliver wherever you are
We will pick up & deliver wherever you are

Get comfortable and have our service come to your office, home, opera house, or the coffee shop – we’ll pick up & deliver your order quickly and punctually, exactly when and where you need us to.

We will meet the highest standards
We will meet the highest standards

More exacting than any tuxedo & more persistent than a blend stain. Jonny Fresh offers first-class cleaning done with the utmost of care and we guarantee you will always receive the best possible service.

From traditional garb to down pillows
From traditional garb to down pillows

No matter if it’s lederhosen, a suit, office laundry, or a wedding dress – there’s no fabric, no piece of clothing, and no textile that we can’t clean professionally and get 100% hygienically spotless. Also with perfectly plannable logistics and many other attractive services for hotels, hiring agencies, and many other business customers.

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