Textile cleaning with plastic free packaging

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Textile cleaning with plastic free packaging

Your clothes delivered in 100% plastic free protective packaging

Sustainability is one of the most important trends in the packaging sector and is currently changing the interaction between suppliers and customers and will continue to do so in the future. What counts is the conscious use of resources and recyclables. Packaging is taking on responsibility here. Today, it is a high-tech product that does more and more – with less and less energy and material input. The responsibility at Jonny Fresh to act and lead the way as an environmentally friendly textile cleaning company makes us enjoy working on the focus of sustainability every day. Our ambition is to always work hand in hand with our partners in the textile industry to optimize processes on an ecological basis to ensure a clean future with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

Plastic free packaging protective & home compostable

In Germany, packaging recycling could reach a new level in 2019. Of the more than 18 million tons of packaging consumed, almost 97% was sent for recycling (material or thermal). The recycling rate across all materials was 80.8, %. This means that today we already recycle 4 out of 5 packaging materials (GVM recycling balance sheet, 10/2020). We are pleased that we will be able to make an important contribution to the recycling rate in the future with the nationwide introduction of our plastic free packaging.

On average, a German consumes 80 jeans, 140 jackets, 250 sweaters & 240 t-shirts in a lifetime. This corresponds to about one ton per citizen. This puts Germany at the top of the world, with only Switzerland and the USA consuming a similar amount. For all garments that end up at our environmentally friendly dry cleaners, we use a 100% plastic-free protective cover made of completely biodegradable material for the delivery of the cleaned & hung textiles. No monocultures such as corn or sugar cane need to be grown for the packaging, as it is made from 100% potato peel starch, which is generated elsewhere as agricultural waste and recycled. Thus, no valuable food is wasted and the packaging can be easily disposed of in the local compost after use.

The packaging material is also completely odorless and completely free of chemical plasticizers. The new plastic-free packaging offers the same protection against dust and rain as the classic plastic cover.

Green packed

Hygienic & natural

100% plastic free

1 100% plastic free

The packaging is made from organic raw materials and plastic free. It is made of 100% potato peel starch.

100% protective

2 100% protective

Cleaned garments are optimally protected from moisture and dust, but also from contact, for example, during transport.

100% compostable

3 100% compostable

The protective cover is 100% home compostable and can be easily disposed of in home organic waste after use.

We act sustainably out of conviction

  • check_circle Sustainable and plastic free packaging
  • check_circle Made from 100% BIO granules (potato peels)
  • check_circle Hygienic and durable
  • check_circle 100% protective against moisture and dust
  • check_circle Easy and safe to dispose
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