How does the textile cleaning at Jonny Fresh work?

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How does the textile cleaning at Jonny Fresh work?

The textile cleaning process with delivery service

As the provider of mobile laundry and textile cleaning, Jonny Fresh is responsible for the cleaning performance.However, we at Jonny Fresh do not carry out the textile cleaning ourselves but work together with selected local suppliers from the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the various cities. In order to be able to offer our customers a standardized and highly efficient laundry service, the textile cleaning with pick-up and delivery service is performed by all our cleaning partners according to the same procedure:

  1. Choose by app, website or by phone, what you want to have cleaned and decide on pickup and delivery times.
  2.  Your order is automatically created in our system and digitally forwarded to our cleaning partner in your city.
  3.  Your selected pickup and delivery day, the booked time slot and your favored pickup location will be coordinated within our automated trip planning system.

  1. Every day, the drivers of our fleet receive a daily updated tour plan, which is prepared considering the predicted traffic situation.
  2. The so-called Driver App, which is used by our drivers, coordinates the drivers through the city right up to your front door, where they pick up your laundry and transport it in a Jonny Fresh cotton laundry bag to the dry cleaner.

  1. Once arrived at the dry cleaner, our cleaning partner checks your dropped laundry items. In case you handed over less, more or other laundry items than what you booked online, our cleaning partner will now adjust your order via the so-called Dry Cleaner App.
  2. You will be informed directly by email about the adjustments.
  3. Each item will now be provided by the dry cleaner with a small label containing the order number.
  4. Your laundry items can be at any time unmistakably assigned to your order by using the order number.
  5. After that, our cleaning partner sorts your laundry items into goods for dry cleaning or for laundry.

  1. If our cleaning partner can not find a care label on your laundry, they will contact our customer service.
  2. The customer service will then contact you by phone or email to agree upon the ideal cleaning process.

  1. If necessary, e.g. if particularly stubborn stains are present, your laundry will be pretreated with detergents or, as we say, “detached”.
  2. Your laundry will now be washed or cleaned chemically.
  3. We really try to remove every stain. If that does not work for once, we ask you if we should resort to heavier methods during the cleaning.
  4. If required, we carry out a post-treatment of the laundry.

  1. In principle, every article that can be ironed by a machine, will be ironed after cleaning or washing.
  2. There are several ways to iron clothes. Folded laundry is e.g. mangled, shirts delivered on hangers are straightened with the help of a mannequin, while blouses, for example, are often hand ironed.

  1. In case you gave us several items for cleaning, all your packaged laundry items will now be collected and centrally stored.
  2. Sorting is based on the order numbers that are located on the labels that were attached during the laundry receipt.

  1. Before we pack and deliver your laundry, a dry cleaning technician will once again check the quality of the cleaning and ironing performance.
  2. If, for example, we still find a small crease, the article goes directly back to the ironing station and gets fixed.

  1. After the final quality control, your laundry will be packed for the upcoming transport and as protection against external influences.
  2. Depending on your request, our cleaning partner will fold your laundry or hang it on a wire hanger.
  3. Folded items are packed in sturdy paper. Hanging goods are protected by a transparent film. To save foil, up to 5 garments are always packed under one film.

  1. Your cleaned laundry is now ready to be transported back to you.
  2. On the delivery day you have booked, a Jonny Fresh driver loads the clean textiles in their delivery vehicle.
  3. Our driver sees through the Driver App when they should deliver your laundry to the desired location.
  4. At the appointed time, the Jonny Fresh driver will hand you over your cleaned and packed laundry.
  5. If you have no use for the wire hangers, you are welcome to give them back. We can then reuse the hangers.
  6. Do you have any new laundry on delivery that you would like to hand us over? No problem, our driver will certainly have a laundry bag handy, so you can directly give us your dirty laundry to be cleaned!


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The description of the textile cleaning process is interesting, but you have more questions about the delivery or order service at Jonny Fresh? No problem, in our FAQs you will find useful answers to frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to contact our customer service!

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